Duluth Minnesota Brand Photographer for small businesses.

Did you know 85-90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in their online shopping experience?

Have you ever clicked on a business or website and only see mobile or stock photos (not that mobile images can’t look good or get you by) but immediately don’t connect with the brand or their vision? It can be messy and hard to keep your attention to be honest without high quality, eye catching images. Also in this day, especially with small businesses we want to see YOU. Even if you hate the camera, the human sells the product whether we like it or not. Grabbing a few images of you and your business either in headshot format or in action, this truly makes a huge difference in client interest in what you’re selling.

Switching your stock photos for your own professional images can increase your leads by 45%😱 that can be life changing income for a small business.

(Based off many different polls pulled from google πŸ˜‰)

Soooo it’s pretty dang important when showcasing your business to potential customers to have your own professional images. I’m now offering extended payment options so more businesses can invest in brand photography sooner rather than later + give your website, social media + biz cards a much needed refresh πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Add ons I offer:

Finding & hiring models
Location scouting
BTS reels & TikToks
Commercial usage
+ more

You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out based on exactly what you’re wanting out of a brand photography session and creating a Pinterest board together to get the vibe and inspiration you are shooting for.

Inquire through this contact form so we can plan your future brand session πŸ€— to see full brand sessions please don’t hesitate to ask! In the meantime check out my Instagram for any BTS and shoots!

Check out these sneaks from past brand sessions + a couple testimonials πŸ™‚

Duluth Minnesota Brand Photographer – by Janine Leigh Business above: Luxus Laser and Esthetics

Above: Studio- Duluth Creative Co Business: Realtor Madria Kuberra

Above: Studio- Duluth Creative Co. Brand: Kylee LeBlanc Mortgage Lender | MN & WI

San Diego, California + Duluth, Minnesota Brand Shoot. Brand: Tidal and Salt Swim


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