IT’S ENGAGEMENT SEASON! So let all the planning begin. First we book the venue + have a date and typically the photographer is next! When searching for photographers keep in mind these things:

  • Style( bright and airy, moody or warm etc)
  • Venue- does your venue give off bright, natural light or is it a dark, more ambient venue? If you want a bright and airy photographer, you should look for venues that would reflect their work best. Even the best photographers can’t mimic natural light in a poorly lit venue. Make sure these two match! Most photographers will direct you to other recommendations who may do a better job in a certain lighting situation if they don’t feel comfortable shooting at a particular venue + don’t take offense to it. They’re putting your best interest first!
  • What’s included in their packages? Do you want an 8 or 10 hour package or more? A second shooter? Engagement session? and are high resolution images included?
  • What’s their turnaround time for photos for both engagement and weddings?
  • Where should you print your images for best quality?
  • How do they find a second shooter?
  • What’s their travel fees?
  • What’s the deposit? When is it due and when is the final payment due?
  • What happens if they’re sick on the wedding day? THIS IS HUGE. Make sure they have a good community of photographer friends who can step in if needed last minute. These last 2+ years have been hit the hardest with sickness and needing help with short notice. Also be sure who the replacement is is experienced and similar shooting style to keep things consistent in their work.
  • Contracts – never book someone without one. They’re made to protect you AND the photographer.
  • Insurance – Most venues also require wedding vendors to have insurance and sent a copy of it before shooting there. Be sure they have what’s required.
  • What’s the average number of photos in a wedding gallery?
  • Request to see a full gallery to see various lighting situations and their poses etc they use with clients to make sure it matches your vision for your wedding day.

It seems like a lot, I know. But after asking these questions you’ll feel more confident and happier with your decision in the end! Most of these questions should be answered already on their website or brochure they send when you inquire so don’t feel you will need to ask each and every one of these during an inquiry/email or phone call! 🙂

xx, Janine

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